Payment Options

We do not accept real time payments on our shopping cart.

Selecting a payment option is just a preference in the checkout process. You cannot pay through / using the shopping cart.

We reserve the right to request you pay via our current and available ways to accept payments.
We list all payment options but some may not be available.

We will contact you immediately when we receive your order and we can discuss payment options at that time.

Often our buyers when they order, select as an example the BDO bank transfer, but when we contact them and it's time to pay, the customer will often change their mind and say, "Oh, I'm already near an LBC Remittance office, can I just pay there?"  And we of course may say yes.

So do not feel that once you select a payment option that you cannot change it later because YES YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR MIND LATER. If we change our mind, We'll just discuss it at time of payment request.