Return Policy

It is our return policy to accept returns only if we deliver the wrong color or a damaged item.

CAUTION: We know that most of our customers are AWESOME, but once in a while we get someone that tries to scam the system. They will buy a dress, wear it on Friday Nite and then ask for a refund on Saturday or Sunday claiming it's damaged or the color was wrong or any excuse they can come up with...

IF YOU RECEIVE AN ITEM THAT IS THE WRONG COLOR OR DAMAGED, we will honor the refund. HOWEVER, we must be notified immediately upon opening of package and inspection of the item on your end.

We will not accept items back that have been washed, have perfume or odor on them, that are stained with food, drink or blood.

If the item is damaged, YOU must send us a photo of the damage as we check all items before they are shipped.

Remember, We know that most of our customers are AWESOME but we are aware of all the ways people try to work the system.
God Bless!